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Photos for Pat Hite

  • Pia_hydrangea_1_20040624_
    My aunt Pat Hite was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the spring of 2004. Being bedridden, she was missing the beautiful spring outside. I decided to create a photo album of pictures taken in our yard to send to her. Pat passed away on June 1, much earlier than I expected. I was very disappointed that I was not able to complete the photo album and get it to her before she died. This photo album is a tribute to Pat, who loved country living, nature, and beauty. Click on a thumbnail below to see the photo. The Title shows describes the subject and the long number is the date (20040401 is 2004-4-1, the first of April 2004)

Slough Creek Whitewater

  • Slough Creek 10
    Photos taken on Slough Creek in Yellowstone National Park on June 20, 2005, from the fisheman's trail above the park campground

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Steven Mason

Mike, thanks for the comments on the Kudzu Ethanol post on the Chemically Green blog. I will be posting the interview with Mr. Doug Mizell co-founder of Agro*Gas Industries, LLC. shortly. This will give you more insight on what is happening at Agro*Gas to make ethanol from kudzu. This process will be utilizing a renewable green source for ethanol production, but it will not be affected by the commodities market and weather, including hot dry humid conditions, as well as, drought.
Our Congress has been sucked into the corn ethanol scam and the weather events of the past few weeks has shown what will happen to corn.
Again thanks and be on the lookout for the video interview with Doug Mizell.
Steven Mason
Chemically Green

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