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Photos for Pat Hite

  • Pia_hydrangea_1_20040624_
    My aunt Pat Hite was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the spring of 2004. Being bedridden, she was missing the beautiful spring outside. I decided to create a photo album of pictures taken in our yard to send to her. Pat passed away on June 1, much earlier than I expected. I was very disappointed that I was not able to complete the photo album and get it to her before she died. This photo album is a tribute to Pat, who loved country living, nature, and beauty. Click on a thumbnail below to see the photo. The Title shows describes the subject and the long number is the date (20040401 is 2004-4-1, the first of April 2004)

Slough Creek Whitewater

  • Slough Creek 10
    Photos taken on Slough Creek in Yellowstone National Park on June 20, 2005, from the fisheman's trail above the park campground

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Atanu Dey

Myke, thanks for the links. Very useful resource.

I have a small complaint, though. You write "if you have the great misfortune of having to take math . . ." It is somewhat like saying "if you have the misfortune of having to learn how to read . . ." Being able to do mathematics is as essential as the other basic skills and learning them can be both fun and rewarding.

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